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Passwords are a necessary evil we have to deal with in our online society. Most security breaches occur due to weak passwords, a result of people using common phrases like 1234 or password, and easily identifiable things in our daily lives.

What is worst is many people use the same password across all of their accounts, and when an online provider experiences a security breach, guess what? Hackers have your login information, which will probably work across everything you use—they iget to work finding out what they have access to in your world immediately after a breach.

I’m adopting 1Password from AgileBits to help me manage my passwords, after watching my GF and partner Audrey Watters successfully use to manage her own world. 1Password gives you a vault to store your most secure items from your daily life, including passwords, credit card numbers, etc. 

I’ve downloaded the Mac version of 1Password, and I’m working to go through all my account and using 1Password setup unique, generated passwords for each service I depend on. As I download the iPhone and browser tools for 1Password I will share the stories on this blog as well.

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